It is Christmas at Mukuru Kwa Njenga – in pictures

World Concern celebrates this year’s Christmas with underprivileged children at Kenya’s Mukuru kwa Njenga slum

At Mukuru kwa Njenga slum, some children hardly know it’s Christmas.

A few days ago, World Concern staff made their way to the slum to celebrate. What we didn’t know was that the children would teach us how to be children again!

The sun was out in a yellow dress, and through the well-thought coordination by G-Thamini Youth group, the day turned out wonderfully memorable.

Our Christmas party in pictures, below. Enjoy 🙂

First, we invaded a room at St Mary’s Catholic church and made some culinary delights

Ken at the onion cutting department
Ken at the onion cutting department
Damaris does it with a smile
Damaris does it with a smile

Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-25The production line



Faces. . .
Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-7 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-10 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-29 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-32 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-34 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-43 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-46 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-47

Dance, skits and more music
Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-13 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-14 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-18 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-20 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-35 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-36 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-37 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-38

The games. . .

The game: “I sent a letter”

Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-49 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-51 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-53 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-54 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-58 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-59 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-60 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-61 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-62 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-63Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-67

Cake, balloons and gifts
Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-73 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-74 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-78 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-79 Christmas_2015_MukuruKwaNjenga-80

A section of the cool crowd


“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” [Mark 10:14]

Merry Christmas from World Concern!

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