Blind pastor can now read the complete Bible

Rev. Paul Mutua is amazed by the fact that people differ in height, weight, and complexion. “How can it be real?” he wonders. Paul is blind. As a child, he remembers seeing the sun, moon and the stars. However, as he grew older his eyesight diminished as a result of natural causes and he became completely blind.

Rev. Mutua pastors at the Transformed Gospel Church in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi. His house is right across the church behind a pale red gate and along a row of iron sheet structures running parallel to an open sewer line. Passersby help him shuttle between the church and his house. On some days he has no money for food and on others he has no one to send for food.

Though he owned only a small section of the Old Testament, he had a strong desire to read the Bible in its entirety. He had to rely on a Swahili Audio Bible to shepherd his church. “Getting those books has been very difficult,” he says.

His neighbor Patrick Rukwaro says the constant question that Rev. Mutua has been asking over the last 10 years is where he could find the rest of the books of the Bible.

One volume of the Braille Bible is roughly the size of a telephone directory and weighs twice as much. A complete set of the Braille Bible is composed of about 43 volumes. This means that it can easily fill your car trunk.

World Concern’s Dave (right) and Pastor Steve pose with Rev. Mutua shortly after presenting tens of Bible volumes to him

A complete Bible

Early this year, World Concern presented a gift that Rev. Mutua will never forget – the entire New King James Version (NKJV) Braille Bible. His joy has known no end.

“God is good. You have helped me very much by bringing me those books. I don’t even know how to celebrate!”

“Since you informed Pastor that his Bible volumes were on the way, he got so excited  that his conversations became centered almost solely on that,” said his neighbor Patrick.

“How can a ten year long desire be fulfilled by people who just met him? It is true that God answers prayers,” he continues.

Rev. Mutua, his congregation together with World Concern staff inside the Transformed Gospel church in Mukuru kwa Njenga

Rev. Mutua can now read the complete Bible. He is immensely grateful to World Concern for this gift. “It’s a big blessing. To get something like that requires the hand of God. I have been waiting eagerly since I received a phone call informing me that they had been found. I was overjoyed. May God bless you very, very much,” he says.

World Concern continues to work with churches in Kenya to build their capacity in reconciling lives to God.