Mobile health care to Tana-River’s unreached

Two year old Malik stopped walking a few months ago due to a suspected case of Polio. The last time his mother Khalima Matagundo visited a health facility was when Malik was born.

World Concern in partnership with the Kenya Government’s Ministry of Health, is making it easier for families like Malik’s to access medical care through mobile health clinics across 14 villages.

Through support from Netherlands Reformed Congregations, 101 children have been dewormed, 24 malnourished children have received nutritional supplements as well as 3 adults. 41 children have been immunized, 12 of them aged 3 to 6 years were immunized for very first time in their lives. 92 adults have also been treated for diseases such as malaria and typhoid, as parental health talks and antenatal care services continue.

Tana River County is suffering from the effects of drought. As a result, local households have depleted their savings and assets and their purchasing power has been greatly reduced.

For families like Khalima’s, the nearest health facility is far away. When ill, they either have to walk, pay exorbitant fare to limited transport operators or cross the crocodile infested River Tana using hand made water canoes.

Khalima hopes that her other children will not suffer the same fate as Malik

“I am sad that my son is unable to run towards me anymore when I get home,” said Khalima.

The mother of eight however, is relieved that World Concern has brought medical practitioners to the area and is hopeful that her last-born-son will not go through the same fate as Malik.

Through your support, World Concern is facilitating movement of qualified government doctors to reach families in dire medical need. World Concern is also providing cash transfers to 1,000 vulnerable families to help them access food.

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